Singer-Songwriters, Composers, Musicians, Sound Engineers & Producers

We are committed to spreading loving & healing messages through music

All our artists are constantly writing music and adding new songs to our vast collection of healing music.

Our Beginnings

Clare Steffen, Ed,D, N.D., CADC II, ICADC, CNHP, CMH, BCC, CBHC has been a psychologist for over thirty years and has witnessed healing and improvements to emotional well-being through music. In 2019, she began reaching out to other musicians who share this vision, and together they have become Round The Globe.

Ongoing Development

To date, Round the Globe has co-written songs, and received film submissions, and music videos with musicians from over forty different countries; United States, United Kingdom, England, Australia, Brazil, North Wales, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Malaysia, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Serbia, Armenia, Cyprus, Argentina, Spain, Israel, Venezuela, Macedonia, Mexico, Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Iran, China, The Netherlands, Norway, Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Hungary, Turkey, and it continues to grow, promoting sustainability, global health and well-being.

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