Featured Artists

Global Healing Through Music & Cinema

The Round The Globe project has attracted many talented and gifted artists of all ages who share the vision of bringing social healing and sustainability on a global scale. These dedicated artists have graciously given their energy to this project, and continue to be involved with the continued growth to enlighten the world that music has the power to heal and bring people together, cross barriers, and unite us if we share the intention of making the world a better place for today and tomorrow.

Unique Talent

Round The Globe (RTG) is different than most music that tends to focus on one or maybe two genres. Because we have a blend of talents, we are able to communicate and reach multiple audiences of all ages, ethnicities, and in a variety of countries and languages. Our mission to bring healing to the world through music continues to grow and expand. Since our project is dynamic, please stop by and explore the new talent that gets added to our project. These featured artists have co-written ten or more songs with Clare, but we have many more artist involved in the project who over time will reach featured artist status. You can view all the artists, composers, musicians, sound engineers and producers involved in RTG on our Singer-Songwriter and talent page.

Law of Attraction

“The law of attraction is the New Thought spiritual belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life. The belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are made from “pure energy” and that like energy can attract like energy, thereby allowing people to improve their health, wealth, or personal relationships.” The Round The Globe project applies this principle, and draws artists and listeners who are openly seeking global healing, universality, and empowering one another in an intentional effort to leave the world in an improved state. This of course is the challenge of sustainability! Our music can be found on all the major streaming platforms, and is enjoyed by listeners from all around the globe.

Clare Steffen, Ed.D. is the Founding and Executive Director of Round The Globe. In 2019, she started the project with the vision of bringing hope, encouragement, and global healing to the world through music and cinema (the film festival was added in 2023). Clare is a lyricist and vocalist, and occasionally enjoys writing a melody. Her passion for social justice and music was the impetus for this project; as she felt healing music could be a harmonious way to deliver these messages and universally bring people together. She continues to guide this vision through the artistry of the many talented individuals who have joined this project and have shared the vision. Clare is also a psychologist, published author, and university professor.
William Sherry is a mulit-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer from Nashville, TN. He was instrumental in teaching Clare the art of songwriting. Together, they have co-written songs in the Americana, Country, Bluegrass, Christmas, Holiday, and Country-Christian Tradition. William continues to be a valued member of Round The Globe (RTG), and he and Clare also publish songs under the Nashville Country label. You will frequently hear the talented Sandi Kight on many of these songs. Sandi and William have worked together seamlessly for years, and their interpretation of Clare’s lyrics is magical. These songs have been added to the Round The Globe collection which has allowed RTG to reach a wider audience. William’s music has been on television and in movies, and he has also won multiple awards through his involvement in the RTG project.
Aira Winterland is from Brazil, and has been involved with the Round The Globe project since its inception. He and Clare have co-written over 100 songs together and they see one another as having Twin-Spirits. Being able to co-write was a dream for both Aira and Clare, because he loves American Folk and Folk Rock music, and Clare appreciates the rich Brazilian Culture which so authentically comes through in his music. Aira previously worked as a psychologist, but always saw himself as an artist. He is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, song-writer, and producer. Aira has won multiple international music awards through his solo career as a musician, and he has won multiple singer-songwriter awards through his contributions to the Round The Globe project. He continues to play an instrumental in the growth of the Round The Globe project, and he and Clare writes songs that highlight social issues and messages of healing. On rare occasion, Aira will sing our songs in  Portuguese to offer inclusion to another audience which helps expand our global reach. To learn more about Aira’s Solo Music, please visit his web-site:


Anthony Prezio is a pianist, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter from Troy, New York. Anthony comes from a family of talented musicians. In his younger years, Anthony performed at the Trojan Hotel of which he and his family had a long-standing connection. He and Clare have enjoyed writing over 70 Love songs that follow the Tin-Pan Alley Tradition. Anthony’s strong vocals deliver a song in a way that makes your want to hear more. He and Clare understand music in a similar light and have a strong appreciation of Gershwin’s style which comes across through their music. Anthony has enjoyed a music career that has spanned many decades, and he most recently completed his life-long solo project that tells the story of two restaurants, one family, and a host of patrons at the Trojan Hotel Bar. To enjoy Anthony’s production click on the following image:
Colin Grant-Adams was born and raised near Winchester, England in a predominantly Scottish community, was exposed to the culture and heritage that would shape his career. Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, and a gifted musician himself, Colin’s father was an early influence on his musical career. You can learn more about Colin and purchase his recordings by visiting his website:

Colin and Clare share the love of Celtic music and the fine art of story-telling of which Colin is a master. This comes across in the many songs they have co-written which preserve this fine art in song. He continues to actively contribute to Round The Globe, and has also co-written with Clare and Patricia Braud-Bishop and Rita Weyls who are both seasoned songwriters.

As a solo artist, Colin touches every emotion with his enthusiastic, high-energy, professional, and artistic performance, tailored to fit any occasion, Scottish, Irish, Folk, Schools, or Workshops. His captivating repertoire of Traditional Celtic-American, bluegrass, and nationally acclaimed original material, delivered with his powerful tenor voice, and fiery quick guitar together with irrepressible good humor and stories. This mixed with sing-along songs and even some unbelievable yodeling appealing to audiences of all ages.

In 1996, the Glasgow Highland Games of Kentucky, awarded Colin an Artist in Residence Fellowship in Celtic music, enabling him to study, compose, and record music about the early-century Scots who arrived in America bringing with them a wealth of culture. It was through the residency that Colin came to relocate to the United States and the Glasgow, Kentucky area.

Robert E. Harrison, President of the Glasgow Highland Games. “Colin Grant-Adams is an extraordinarily talented vocalist and guitarist. His live presentation demonstrates his awesome ability to both deliver his own songs with meaning and add depth and insight to many traditional favorites.”
Raul Barba, is a highly accomplished composer, vocalist, musical arranger, and producer from Argentina. Clare met Raul through working with his sister, Paola Madeleine Barba Amado, who is an accomplished vocalist. Paola and Raul have brought many of our songs to our Spanish-Speaking audience to enjoy, along with performing these wonderful songs in English. Clare and Raul have co-written several Jazz, Blues, Americana, Christian, Children’s, Holiday, and Show-Tune quality songs and they continue to enjoy creating a wide-range of songs for national and international listeners. Raul and Clare’s voices blend beautifully and they have been selected for several national and international songwriting awards in multiple genres.

In his personal life, Raul is involved with music ministry and socially enjoys performing in all musical genres: Pop, Gospel, Rock, Opera, Jazz, R&B, Folk, Soul, Blues.
Paola Madelene Barba Amado, is a talented singer and artist from Argentina. She is an accomplished sopranist who is able to translate and sing songs both in Spanish and English. She has the ability to interpret songs in a very warm and heartfelt manner that some have compared to the powerful Disney vocalists. Paola has sung many Round The Globe songs that highlight loving relationships, acceptance, and human understanding, female empowerment, and personal growth. Her vocalist stylings have captivated our listeners.
Paul deMarco is a multi-talented singer-songwriter, vocalist, and music producer from Anglesey, North Wales. Clare and Paul have co-written songs in multiple genres, Pop, Folk, Folk Rock, and Blues to bring attention to the need to invite change, restore balance and healing, and share purpose. Paul brings over 25 years of experience performing, writing and recording music both as a solo performer and member of the group Gumshawthe Ebenezer Chapter band project and Southern rock band Blackwater Lake. Performing live has led to him sharing the stage with a diverse range of artists, from Ed Sheeran’s co-writer Amy Wadge to Jan Akkerman, and from Budgie to Henry Priestman from the Christians

As a multi instrumentalist, Paul shows his dedication to being the best musician he can by always growing and expanding, both in terms of performance and song writing, and as a producer. Equally happy with an acoustic or electric guitar, Paul found his voice through necessity, “When you write songs you want them to be heard, and that means singing them!” Co-writing with songwriters all over the world has only served to enhance Pauls song-writing and he always brings his best to every co-write.  Learn more about and from Paul https://www.pauldemarcomusic.com/

Isaac Onanuga is a vocalist, song-writer, and beat artist from Nigeria. He has a wide vocal range, and the ability to dramatically tell the story in song. Clare and Isaac have co-written many songs that speak to issues of social injustice, with the intention of bringing universal understanding and empathy. They also have many songs that address relational problems and the human condition that translates across all cultures. His playful voice and understanding of beat music allows Clare and Isaac to co-create in different genres. Isaac completed his degree in IT, and brings this knowledge-base to his music career. He continues to develop his solo career being closely connected to the Round The Globe project. Issac and Clare formed a strong respect for one another in their ability to work collaboratively in making the world a better place.

Prevale Billions comes a family of strong-faith, and he brings that spiritual tradition to the music he has co-written with Clare as a part of the Round The Globe project. His deep-rich vocals and sense of harmony come across in songs that generate a gospel and roots sound with many vocal layers. Whether Prevale is singing solo or in duet, with Clare, you will hear the dancing rhythms that are frequently accompanied by the music of Raul Barba, or other artists from Nigeria. Prevale composes strong choruses, and the theme song for the Round The Globe project was born from this gift with assistance from our dear friend, Raul Barba. The music of Prevale and Clare promote Christian and Family values, Loving Relationships, Universality, and Global Healing. Their music has been recognized with multiple international songwriting awards.
Alex Edy was asked to join the Round The Globe project when Clare heard his invitingly intoxicating voice. Fortunately, he said yes, and has happily been co-writing songs as an important member of the Round The Globe team. Alex has been writing and performing songs for 40 years. He is originally from South Africa but currently resides in the UK. He plays guitar and harmonica and has great raspy vocals. He is a much-loved performer both in his solo career and through his involvement in the Round The Globe. Alex has won multiple awards through international film festivals as a part of the Round The Globe project. Alex continues to grace the project with his marvelous singing talent and he and Clare present Indie-Pop, and Blues songs to give the listeners a moment to pause and think and most importantly smile.
Tony Bell, a dear life-long friend of Alex Edy, is a multi-instrumentalist, Vocalist, and Producer, and a aficionado of Blues, and Jazz music. Tony Bell is a South African-born multi-instrumentalist currently living in the UK. He has worked as a pro and semi-pro musician for the past 55 years. As well as performing his own material he has also been part of many collaborations worldwide. His main instrument is guitar but he also plays Bass, Drums, Keyboards, and vocals. He has a home project studio where he produces both audio and video content. He has been dubbed by some as the new Louis Armstrong because of this deep-throaty vocal stylings. His professional production work and mixing of sounds is superb! Clare, Alex, and Tony co-writes some wonderfully entertaining blues and jazz tunes, that will make you want to get up and move. Together this team has won several international awards for their songwriting and music videos.
Noxter Ridson is a young and upcoming artist from South Africa who enjoys performing beat music and has a true love of the English language. Clare asked Noxter to sing in his native tongue, which is Chichewa and people seem to really love hearing the lyrical sounds of this language. Together, they co-write songs that address and bring insight into healing relationships, overcoming adversity, building tolerance, finding love, and understanding human nature and the artistic spirit. His love and appreciation of the Round The Globe project are transparent in his work, and we are grateful to have his youthful energy. He has won multiple awards through his involvement in the Round The Globe project.