Round The Globe Film & Music Festival

Tickets for the film festival on October 28, 2023 @ 7 pm-Egyptian Theatre in Coos Bay, OR

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Bringing Hope, Encouragement & Global Healing to the World Through Artistic Expression

In 2019, Clare E Steffen, Ed.D, ND, CADC-II, CNHP CMHp BCC, NCC, CBHC founded the Round The Globe project to bring hope, encouragement, and global healing to the world through music. Since its inception, the artists of Round The Globe have co-written over 600 songs, including over 70 artists from over 30 different countries. Their music has won awards in national and international music & film festivals in all different genres. The project continues to grow and expand, and the film and music festival is a part of that expansion. Round The Globe will present quarterly film & music festivals in the months of October, December, March, and June. Plans to hold an annual Gala In-Person Film and Music Festival are in the works.

Round The Globe Film & Music Festival proudly accepts entries on FilmFreeway, Festhome, and WFCN, all of which offer the world’s #1 way to enter film festivals and creative contests.

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Festival Submission Categories

Entrees are submitted through Film Freeway,



and winning films and music will be displayed on our website. All winning entrants will receive a certificate of acknowledgment. Please make sure you clearly identify all names that are to appear on the winning certificate at the time of submission, so that if you are selected, the winner’s names will be accurately displayed.

Films Inspiring Hope

Films of Encouragement

Films Focused on Global Healing

Woman’s Issues

Men’s Issues


Social Issues, Resilience & Sustainability

Best Instrumental Score

Best Original Song

Music Video


-Film length is 15-30 minutes maximum. Submit through our page on the Film Freeway or Festhome website.

-The winners shall be notified by email within 2 weeks of entries closing and will receive a digital certificate.

– In order to keep entry fees down, No award trophies are handed out to winners.

-The awards competition is open to people all over the world.

 -We reserve the right to move your film to another appropriate category if there is a better chance of winning

-Acceptance and being ‚ÄĚSelected” is not a criterion for automatic screening at the festival, only winning films, songs, or videos will be previewed at the festival.  One week prior to the event we will make a decision on what films will be screening

-Round The Globe Film & Music Festival is not yet IMDb eligible. The festival must have existed for five years in order to meet eligibility standards.

Film & Music Category Description

Film submissions are limited to 15-30 minutes in length. Songs submitted music to be submitted as an MP3 file, and if video, an MP4. Entrees are submitted through Film Freeway, quarterly dates for entrance, and the film festival will be posted on Film Freeway.



Films Inspiring Hope: The focus of the film should have a storyline in which the characters face a challenge, and find their way to become hopeful and overcome the incident. Character development is especially desirable in this film, and in some manner, the central charter offers the viewer inspiration.

Films of Encouragement: The underlying message of the film is meant to offer encouragement, uplift the viewer, and leave them feeling an increased sense of motivation.

Films Focused on Global Healing: There is a great disparity between countries and the availability of resources to address issues of health and wellness. Films in this category may provide insight to identify problematic areas, and remedies to address these concerns, and to support universal acceptance and love.

Woman’s Issues: Women are not only a resource of nurturance, but accomplish remarkable achievements either individually, as a part of a family, or within their community. Maintaining life-Balance is frequently a struggle because of the multiplicity of demands placed on women. Social position and status can look different within the context of various cultures. Films in this category are meant to explore female empowerment and bring insight and increased understanding of the roles women place within their culture.

Men’s Issues: The role of men in cultures throughout the world has been undergoing changes. This can lead to confusion and feelings of insecurity. Modern men may stay at home and care for the children, or they may continue to function in traditional roles. Film submissions about men’s issues are encouraged to address the ways in which men come to understand their emotions, become comfortable with the expression of emotion, and how they connect in significant relationships.

Spirituality: Religious practice is not necessarily the same as spiritual practice; however, both or either can play an important role in our health and well-being. Films that focus on spiritual development, our relationship to ourselves and others within this realm, and how we contribute to the world through spiritual practice would be of interest in this film category.

Social Issues, Resilience & Sustainability: In every culture, there are issues of social injustice, conflict, and social differences, which can affect human or animal existence and the ability to maintain resilience. It is frequently not enough to be resilient because multiple losses can occur, we must instead focus on our ability to sustain resilience. Films that speak to how we might address social concerns that involve the depletion of social, emotional, environmental, or financial resources are welcome in this category.

Best Instrumental Score: Music scores may be from any genre, and the music should evoke visual imagery, and heightened imagination.

Best Original Song: All genres are accepted and will be evaluated based on the quality of performance and production.

Music Video: All genres are accepted and will be evaluated based on the quality of production in sound and visual imagery.

Round The Globe Film & Music Festival proudly accepts entries on FilmFreeway, Festhome, and WFCN all of which offer the world’s #1 way to enter film festivals and creative contests.

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