Round The Globe Film & Music Festival-2023

WinnersFall Season

Women’s Issues: Bureaucracy, Directed by Ali Babaei (Mehregan), Iran

Men’s Issues: Gladiator, Directed by Maryam Rahimi, Iran

Music Video: Night Vertigo, Directed by Stweart Lane, United Kingdom

Social Issues, Resilience & Sustainability: Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops, Directed by Susan Gray, United States

Films Inspiring Hope: Unconquered, Directed by John Parr, United Kingdom

General Film & Music Festival: Algorithm Takedown, Directed by Alex Budovsky, United States

Films of Encouragement: We Are The Earth, Directed by Zoé Rose, France

Films Focused on Global Healing: Seed Girl, Directed by Tulio Beat, Brazil

Spirituality: Ressurection Under The Ocean, Directed by Serkan Aktaş, Turkey

Best Original Song: Won’t Be Around, Terry Blade, United States

PG-13 Selection: Won’t, Directed by Kareen Mallon, Canada

Winners-Winter Season

Women’s Issues: SHADES: Amplify Her Voice, Directed by Salima Stanley-Bhanji, Canada

Men’s Issues: The Primitive, Directed by Alireza Farzad, Iran

Music Video: Inside Out, Jason Carter, United Kingdom

Social Issues, Resilience & Sustainability: Tula Lives! Directed by Thijs Borsten, Rens Polman, The Netherlands

Films Inspiring Hope: Radio Moon (13), Directed by Pierre GAFFIÉ, France

General Film & Music Festival: Expose, Directed by Amir Mohtashami, Ali Baghi Zadeh. Iran

Films of Encouragement: Secret of Happiness, Directed by Greg Reid, USA

Films Focused on Global Healing: An Organism, Directed by Moe Taylor, Kathryn E F Taylor, USA

Spirituality: Desperately Seeking Sikh, Directed by Kelly Goldstein, USA

Special Interest and Historical Topic Short Films and Music Videos: The Story of I Love Rock and Roll, Directed by David S. Zucker, USA

Best Original Song: We Rise, by Somdatta Pal, USA

Best Instrumental Score (Cinematic): End of the Ocean, by Christian Zezza, Italy

Best Instrumental Score: The Promise, by Christos Danakas, Germany

Music Video: Inside Out, Directed by Jason Carter, UK

Children’s Story: The Milkshake Trap, Listening Pond, USA

Children’s Short Film: Exciting Day, Directed by Brett Sylvia, USA

Children’s Video: We All Have Feelings, Directed by Randy Sauer, USA