Sharing Our Intentions In Print

Music Sends Healing Messages and Evokes Feelings & Memories

We actively are involved in writing about the power of healing through music and seek opportunities to share with others.

Write Away Magazine

Jane Shields created an e-magazine that is dedicated to lyrics which is a perfect venue for Round The Globe to highlight their songs. Here are a few powerful examples from this wonderful magazine:

Song Title: A Woman’s Power

Song Title: I’m Here

Song Title: Somebody Else’s Trouble

Song Title: You’re Not Alone

Song Title: Life Lessons

Song Title: Obanato

Song Title: Dreams and Memories

Song Title: Christmas Magic and the album,

Christmas Canvas

Song Title: Saving Grace

Song Title: God’s Eternal Love

Song Title: Gain A Victory

Song Title: The Sun Always Shines Above The Clouds

Song Title: Song For Julia

Song Title: One Hit Wonder

Song Title: Taste of You

Song Title: Everything

Song: Night Flight To Paris

Song: California (Thinking Back)

Song: Transforming Pain Into Beauty

Song: Indigenous


Message Music a Universal Genre

Music has always united people in rituals, ceremonies, life events, and social happenings. Meaning can be found in religious, spiritual, and secular music and can transport us to experience consciousness at different levels. Finding meaning and purpose allows us to connect to ourselves and others and form healthy relationships. Music can help us heal from life losses, and traumatic events, by assisting us in adapting, connecting to others to avoid isolation and feelings of loneliness, and by transcending painful memories. Therapeutic and spirit music has been utilized with people of all ages and in a variety of settings.

Finding its roots in an eclectic collection of folk, spiritual, gospel, blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, Motown, Fusion, Metaphysical or other genres “Message Music,” transcends all genres and allows people to join in a universal quest to unite and find collective consciousness and way of being together that brings acceptance and love. It has always existed, and in some circles, Efforts to integrate music with mental and behavioral health, medicine, spirituality, and religion are happening globally. As the world we live in allows us to communicate and connect globally, message music will be key in uniting us as one.

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