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 Our impetus is World Music with an emphasis on Indie/Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Folk-Rock, Urban Folk, Jazz, Blues, Americana, Celtic, Country, and a Fusion of Different Genres.

Films, Videos and Music inspiring Hope, Encouragement & Global Healing


Music is a universal language that helps us connect globally, and be able to overcome social barriers. It is a means by which we offer one another encouragement, and music is the perfect vehicle to connect.


We may experience many losses and traumatic events in life, and recovering from these experiences can be a difficult process. Music can help us heal and allow us to express our emotions and share our feelings.


Our world is rapidly changing and all too often the focus on disposability is at a great cost to our culture. We want to secure the health of the world for future generations. Songs to protect our environment serve as an important part of our mission. We align with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Spiritual Enlightment

Lifting our voices through music is a way to lift our spirits. Love is the universal message of all beliefs and faiths. Everything in life is relational, and we are one.


Music makes us whole! If we feel lost, confused, or are experiencing emotional distress; music, helps us find balance and allows us to become centered.


Many cultures emphasize and value left-brain logic and objectivity. Our subjective experiences are significant, and since everything in life is relational, taking time to connect and commune with nature is important to our brain and body health. Music opens the door for us to explore our creative energies and to relax and enjoy the beauty that surrounds us.


Round the Globe is an active member of the International Singer-Songwriter’s Association.

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Round The Globe Music has been heard and frequently charted on 752.2 Radio.



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Round The Globe Music

Round The Globe Music

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Round The Globe Film and Music Festival

A quarterly film festival inspiring hope, encouragement & global healing through the arts.

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Our Intention


Round The Globe is a collaboration of films and music written and co-written with individuals from all over the world. The idea is to promote encouragement, hope, and global healing through music and films