International Music Awards

Round The Globe Artist Soar

The artists of Round The Globe excel on an international stage and are frequently selected to participate in film festivals, and are chosen for outstanding music.

Clare Steffen on IMDb:

Healing Messages Through Music

Our intention is to bring healing to the world and to uplift individuals and families by connecting to one another through music. Our world is complex and often troubled, and people are in search of support. Music unites us and is a universal language that can promote universality. The musicians at Round The Globe are focused on bringing people together, by transcending social barriers, and differences.

Success Through Being Mindful

In Western cultures, we define success through material gains and increased productivity. There are groups within our culture who recognize the importance of being mindfully present, and they are the wisdom bearers. The artists of Round The Globe understand the meaning of this higher intention and are focused on sharing this universal purpose as we connect through music.


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