Awards For Round The Globe Music

Quality Music

Round The Globe has distinguished itself as an organization of musicians and songwriters that are making a difference in the world. Their music is considered outstanding and has been recognized for the contribution it makes to improving our world through music.

Experienced Songwriters & Musicians

Our songwriters and musicians come from all walks of life. Most are professionals who have dedicated their lives to serving others. We have a wide range of talent and each of our musicians excel in their own area of crafting a song.

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The music of Round The Globe is dynamic and diverse. We explore subjects that are complex social issues and concerns that can be difficult to discuss, but through music, we can overcome obstacles and barriers. We also offer Torch and Love songs that bring encouragement and hope. Round The Globe is involved in documenting a history of traditional folk and spiritual songs that are an important part of Americana culture. You’ll hear every genre from Americana to Zydeco and everything in between. And sometimes, we just write music that is fun that will make you feel good!

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