Round The Globe Film & Music Festival-2024

Winners-Spring Season

Women’s Issues:  Hadithi (Stories) Directed by Gail L. Prensky, Kenya

Music Video: Hasky-Skazki, Directed by Konstantin Eronin, Vladimir Repin, Republic of Russia

Social Issues, Resilience & Sustainability: The Dark Guide, Directed by Cédric HEMON, France

Films Inspiring Hope: Run Away Directed by Chico Bennett, United States

General Film & Music Festival: Perfect Blue, Directed by Dorian Robinson, United States

Films of Encouragement: I Am A Sea, Directed by Ashley Tula Benem, United States

Films Focused on Global Healing: Pindorama, Directed by Wagner Cinelli, Marcio Oliveira, Brazil

Spirituality: One Wish, Directed by Jordy Antonio, United States

Best Original Song: Hey Dad, Greg Tardie, United States

Christian Music/Original Song: A Single Parent Too, Directed by Greg Tardie, United States

Historical Song: Trail of Tears, Directed by Greg Tardie, United States

Special Interest Song: If You See Peace, Directed by Luanne Hunt, United States

Best Instrumental Score: Life I Live, Directed by Dorian Robinson, United States

Children’s Music Video: Empathy, Randy Sauer, United States

Original Holiday Song: A Christmas Tail, Directed by Debbie Donovan (Wildflower Music), United Kingdom

Women’s Issues:  Eva Haller: A Work in Progress, Directed by Jeanne Meyers, United States

Men’s Issues: Reclaiming our Humanity, Directed by Robert Mossi Alexander, United States

Music Video-Diversity: I’m Not A Boy, Directed by Bryant Berry & Tommi Aura, United States

Music Video-Inspiring Hope: Sonic Boom, Directed by Daisuke Tarutani & Ricky Rebel, United States

Animated Music Video: We’re Going To Hell, Directed by Al Buchanan, United States

Music Video: Maudlin Strangers- “Don’t Worry, I’m Fine,” Directed by Jake Hays, United States

Music Video-Social Issues, Resilience & Sustainability: The Invisible, Directed by Guga Lemes, Wagner Almeida, Marcelo Nobre, & André Abujamra, Brazil

Music Video-Social Issues, Directed by Chico Bennett, United Stated

Social Issues, Resilience & Sustainability-Short Film: Lead In the Land, Directed by Cigdem Slankard, United States

Social Issues, Resilience & Sustainability-Video: Ius Auxilium, Directed by Alessandra del Giudice, Italy

Social Issues, Resilience & Sustainability-Music Video: And… Breathe, Directed by Sue Healey, Australia

Films Inspiring Hope: Second Thought by Chris Stanley, United States

General Film & Music Festival-Music Video: Nerd, Directed by Gustavo Andres Menese, Argentina

General Film & Music Festival: The World of Rap, Episode 1: The Balkans, Directed by Joe Wheeler, United States

Films of Encouragement: RETURN TO KAWTHOOLEI: A Refugee Rapper’s Journey to His Homeland in Burma, Directed by Chico Bennett/Star Htoo, United States

Spirituality: Appealing, Directed by Steven C Shaffer, United States

Best Original Song: For You My Lovely, by Diane Kaufman, United States

Special Interest Song: The City Has Fallen, Directed by Marios Michaelides, Cyprus

Best Instrumental Score: Bat Sheva (The Daughter of 7even), Directed by Tomer George Cohen, Israel

Student Produced-Short Film: Project Get Away, Directed by Tyler Herren, United States

Student Produced-Music Video: Directed by Rachel Tippett, United States

Original Holiday Short Film: Johnny Jr., Directed by Lily Andrews, United Kingdom